Should I go or stay?

Every seven or eight years something major seems to happen in my life. I have reached that point again. The choices are to take voluntary redundancy or stay in the place I have worked in since 2010 and try for a new role.

The first option is nicely summed up by the the number zero tarot card, the Fool. I would somewhat blindly be taking a leap of faith. The latter is reflected by the fifteenth major arcana card, the Fool. In many ways my go to position where I feel trapped by the material world. A bird in a gilded cage of my own making.

One is much more riskier than the other and has the benefit of potential growth. The other offers some new challenges in a familiar environment.

I have been wrestling with this conundrum for the last two years. It has taken until now for the workplace change to be officially announced. I have just over one week to decide. What makes it more challenging is that I enjoy working here.


Why the picture of kitchen tools, you ask? This is a black and white decision. It needs to be made for balance and harmony to be restored; peace of mind.

16 thoughts on “Should I go or stay?

  1. Seems to me you’ve had 2 years to think about this decision and have a week for the final decision. What advice would you give to a friend facing the same conundrum? My advice would be to trust your gut instinct!
    When you sit quietly and really think about each outcome, which gives you the most excitement? The post inner piece? The warmest fuzziest feeling . . . . Go with that one and give it your all x

  2. Wow. I can appreciate the difficulty of your choice. As I look back, I realize that I have generally chosen the safer, more familiar route rather than the more risky option. I admire the risk-takers and sometimes long to have the courage to one. You, of course, are the one that has to decide in a way that you are comfortable with. Best wishes as you weigh your options and make this tough decision.

      • and is retrenched or voluntary redundancy a better a better option – I honestly don’t know and you don’t have to answer but the answer will probably help your decision? (financially and/or for future job prospects)

        I’ve been out of work over a year now and while I didn’t intend to retire, just meant to change jobs, I didn’t do it well or with enough thought…and it looks like I have retired! I’m glad you have the option to put some thought into this decision…

  3. Robert, take the risk. Whenever you back your own abilities in life, you succeed. That is because you have the will to succeed. Don’t let self doubt hold you back, you are competent and will make your choices a success. Be brave and jump xxx

  4. When I see the Fool in my spreads, it is nearly always a good sign to get moving/go do it despite your fears and reservations. I hope you do so.

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