Winter skies and flowers

After three months’ working from home, a routine has developed. Starting work around 7 am, morning tea at 10:30, one hour for lunch at 1 pm, and finishing around 4pm.

The path to this regimen was at times bumpy. Reflecting on it now, I realise the journey is a text book example of the only group development model I can remember; ‘forming-storming-norming-performing’*.

My husband and I each had practises in place. Our daily lives, like so many worldwide, changed. Without even thinking about it, we began boundary setting and melding timetables, through negotiation.

The lunch hour is when we both switch off and take Stan for a walk. Together, we have found alternatives to trudging suburban streets.

One extended route takes us through a community garden, down quiet tree lined streets, along a pedestrian path bridging a narrow creek, and into a quiet lane with horse paddocks.

The red bloom image above, reminds me of a Passion flower, taken on one of our walks. Below, palms, skies and a Queenslander house.

*Bruce Tuckman, 1965

10 thoughts on “Winter skies and flowers

  1. Beautiful words and images . I didn’t get the chance to stay more at home during the lockdown because work continued but life at work has change from seeing patients in person to telephone as both patients and doctors are finding ways to stay safe. Medicine is changing until we find a vaccine. Stay safe & have a great Summer.

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