Antipodean reflections

It has been ten years since I set up this WordPress blog.

With the exception of the photo of QEII at the end, the below pictures are from an area at the rear of buildings facing Grey Street, South Brisbane. Overhead railway lines travel between South Brisbane and Roma Street stations. The previously unused space has been transformed into Fish Lane, Town Square.

Brisbane, Brissy, Brisvegas has the reputation of being a big country town.

You need a body in Sydney and labels (darling) in Melbourne.

People who have moved to the city, between states and countries or have travelled extensively overseas are open to new friends.

During Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977, Queen Elizabeth II visited Birmingham UK. I took my younger brother to see her. This is an image from local newspaper, the Birmingham Mail, Taken near the Council House and Chamberlain Memorial, on the day we saw her majesty.

Being from England, a proportion of Australians assume I am from and have lived in London. It is as though London is England.

Talk of Australia becoming a republic are renewed among lobbyists and pollies.

5 thoughts on “Antipodean reflections

  1. That looks like a lovey area under the railway.
    I watched some of the funeral march in London.. The Brits really do know how to do ceremony. That had to be exhausting for the old guys. King Charles really looks old.
    I do love London, but also many other places in England in both the rural areas and the other cities. We traveled to Britain more than anywhere else and Our first trip to England we spent ten days in London with a couple of day trips out. We also flew in and out of London
    and had extra days there when we were going to other parts of England, and to Wales and Scotland. I loved York and the area around it. And Oxford and Cambridge are awesome. Do you get back sometimes? I think I remember you writing about going back once.

    • I also love York, I haven’t spent a lot of time in Oxford or Cambridge. When we first moved to Australia we went to the UK every couple of years. I went to mother’s funeral in 2009 then in 2018 we went to attend our niece’s wedding followed by a week in Milan. Italy is our favourite destination in Europe.

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