I wonder

I wonder what life holds for this little one, caught on camera during the Auntie Beeb coverage of the coronation of King Charles III.

I hope they won’t get caught up in legal wrangles over unapproved product placement of the head-ware sported in the footage.

Could this be a forgotten royal offspring, forever exiled to reside beyond the Palace’s iron fence and gates. Only on procession days are they allowed to remind the monarch of their dubious heritage.

I imagine memories of their life during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II will be based on the observations of older kith and kin.

Will they be interested enough to watch the coronation of William and Kate and when will that be?

I wonder what Spare Harry Whistledown will be up to. At the very least there may be a seldom viewed animated interactive exposé mini series about their royal childhood on Netflix.

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