Mutually beneficial 

There are people in my life who push my buttons, causing me to question my words and actions. Yesterday for example, the first email of the day was from a work colleague asking for  a meeting to discuss myself and my team moving out of our offices. Some of their people would be moving in next week. They appeared in my office, shortly after receiving news that I knew nothing about the relocation. We exchanged points of view in a jovial manner. I offered one of the desks in the area for one of their team members, as a stop gap measure.

A small time later I received another email from them, letting me know that they had no intention of kicking us out. I know that they are not the catalyst, there are more senior powers at work. The communication ended with the following “Sorry for the stressful start to your morning.” What had I done to elicit this statement? I had been reasonable, calm, and accommodating in my discussion with them; in no way stressed.

An article from What Happened When I Stopped Saying “Sorry” at Work For a Week explains the positive impact on the apologiser of replacing “sorry” with “thank you”. If my colleague had thanked me rather than apologising, I would also have been spared my own negative feelings of self doubt.

Fifties fitness

New challenges at work will require peak physical and psychological performance, no more excuses. Time to do something about fitness in my fifties. 

Procrastinated for a year; moping and moaning in melancholic moodiness. Finally I shook off the can’t do attitude this morning. 

Only one other person in the gym. Fifteen minutes of cardio followed by forty five of weights has set me up for the day. Hoping I will be able to do it again tomorrow. 

Prickly Prima Donna

Ninety five percent of day, The epitome of calm;

Open, helpful, time for all.

As tiredness and workload mounts,

Only takes a look, a word:

(Grim genie unfurls slowly);

Heat building or voices too loud;

(Edging closer to release);

Interrupt or stand too close;

(Darkness oozes to stifle

My relaxed disposition). 

Prickly Prima Donna’s out! 

Unending madness ensues:

Unworthy; shame; guilt; despair.

Exit, take drama along.

Penning this poem is perfect

For regaining control. Back 

Towards the bottle she goes.


I was pleasantly surprised while checking my emails this morning. I received a message from a colleague congratulating me on being brave. I didn’t know what they meant. 

I mentioned in my blog post Being Myself that I would add a category to this blog for personal development. At the same time I decided to participate on my workplace’s social media, hosted on Yammer. Both are part of a strategy to bring coherence to my online personas. Yammer provides me with an opportunity to give back to my workplace and to connect with colleagues I would not ordinarily come across. I started sharing articles related to personal development on Yammer.  

The bravery comment was in relation to my activity on Yammer. There was also a private message via Yammer this morning from a colleague I only know from their posts. They let me know that they like the posts I’ve been making and that we may be similar in our thinking. I was blown away, it wasn’t something I was expecting and I’m thrilled that my posts are being well received. 

My learning from this; the less I expect, the more thrilled I am with the unexpected.