Prickly Prima Donna

Ninety five percent of day, The epitome of calm;

Open, helpful, time for all.

As tiredness and workload mounts,

Only takes a look, a word:

(Grim genie unfurls slowly);

Heat building or voices too loud;

(Edging closer to release);

Interrupt or stand too close;

(Darkness oozes to stifle

My relaxed disposition). 

Prickly Prima Donna’s out! 

Unending madness ensues:

Unworthy; shame; guilt; despair.

Exit, take drama along.

Penning this poem is perfect

For regaining control. Back 

Towards the bottle she goes.


I was pleasantly surprised while checking my emails this morning. I received a message from a colleague congratulating me on being brave. I didn’t know what they meant. 

I mentioned in my blog post Being Myself that I would add a category to this blog for personal development. At the same time I decided to participate on my workplace’s social media, hosted on Yammer. Both are part of a strategy to bring coherence to my online personas. Yammer provides me with an opportunity to give back to my workplace and to connect with colleagues I would not ordinarily come across. I started sharing articles related to personal development on Yammer.  

The bravery comment was in relation to my activity on Yammer. There was also a private message via Yammer this morning from a colleague I only know from their posts. They let me know that they like the posts I’ve been making and that we may be similar in our thinking. I was blown away, it wasn’t something I was expecting and I’m thrilled that my posts are being well received. 

My learning from this; the less I expect, the more thrilled I am with the unexpected.