Inspiration is everywhere

I find inspiration when and where I least expect it, here are three examples:

In going for a spur of the moment meal last Tuesday at Atom Thai Restaurant, Newtown, we were able to chat to Atom. He showed us photos of himself and his partner becoming Buddhist monks for a day in Thailand. He explained that this was a traditional part of the funeral for his mother. After chatting to a Buddhist monk, Atom has realised that becoming a monk could be a path he might want to take in life. Atom exuded calm, peace and serenity.

Since writing a blog I do not use Facebook as frequently. On one of my recent visits a friend had liked Emmanuel Dagher. After checking out his website I signed up for his email newsletter. I received a link to Unconditional Love Meditation. In the middle of our breakfast cereal yesterday, my partner and I took part in a 10 minute guided meditation. The experience was blissful.

I just saw the most exquisite photograph of a swallow tail butterfly posted by Ajaytao 2010

The reason I’m telling you this is after a week of self doubt and endless chatter in my head, I have experienced moments of clarity. I have unconsciously achieved a sense of peace and calm. I am ready for whatever this week has in store for me.

I took the picture of the yellow flowers on Friday in our local park with my mobile.


3 thoughts on “Inspiration is everywhere

  1. Life is so intelligent. It provides us exactly what we need when we need it if we are willing to listen. I’m so happy that you are at peace, Robert. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

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