There is something 
Just beyond my vision;

Déjà vu perhaps. 

Unattached to place or person. 

I sense there is something beyond,

But beyond where?

It’s just out of reach. 

Should I avoid the barely sensed void?

Or ought I explore with thought?

What if it’s just imagination?

Protect the bandicoot 

Blue and green

Suburban scene

Local park

What a lark

Place of fun

Or catch the sun

Baseball or cricket

Within white picket

Dogs allowed on leash

And restricted off leash

Why give a hoot?

Protect the bandicoot!

Remember what is most important 

A dear friend gave us a yellow notepad with the above quote when we left the UK.  Since 1998 it has moved with us from home to home six times, preserved in  amongst other special mementos. 

In the last year it has had pride of place on the fridge; remaining even though all of the pages have been used. 

Winter thoughts

Circles were created in Paper 53 for iPad, grunge film and fisheye lens applied in Kitcamera. 

Winter thoughts

July has begun; 

Unfinished projects silently calling.

Cold blue skies and sun;

Days spent, body of heaviness, hauling.

Mornings are chilling;

My get up and go has got up and gone

Unable unwilling;

Inner fitness battle needs to be won.

Clear chill evening air;

Eight weeks ’til Sydney starts to warm again. 

Inspiration; where?

Revisiting, revising; learning reigns. 

Peaceful moment

Loud country silence is heard. 

Distant sounds; insects and birds. 

Transition from day to night,

Air hinting of chill. 

Softly bathed in Autumn light,

The landscape is still. 
This peaceful moment was captured during a recent trip to Orange and Mudgee, five hours’ drive inland from Sydney.