Yuletide colours

I know I harp on about growing up in the northern hemisphere, it honed my instincts. The weather in December is usually cold and the holly in the hedgerows appears to gleam next to it’s leafless neighbours.

The colours in this grevillea remind me that I count myself lucky to be able to live in Australia, even if traditions associated with Yule don’t suit the climate.

Southern celebrations

A southerly front has cooled Sydney by ten degrees to a comfortable 23oC. Friends from Brisbane arrive tomorrow to join us for the festivities, Christmas lunch at Catalina Restaurant, Rose Bay.

It is too warm to light the fire, we will pretend with candles.

I hope that you have an enjoyable holiday, thank you for reading my blog,


First of Summer

While growing up in ’60 s and ’70’s Summer in England was this esoteric amorphous entity, I cannot pin point when it started. Perhaps it relied on nature’s direction; March winds and April showers brought forth May flowers.
Antipodean Summers are different they start on 1 December. Over the time we have lived here some years on the dot of 1/12 the temperature has soared to a point that when you subject yourself to the elements, your body is enveloped in a cocoon of moist warmth.
Not so in 2013 with a top of 23oC it is too cool to go for a dip in the pool.
Stan is happy, his shaggy coat grows by the second.
I hope that you enjoy the pictures I took during his walk around Lewisham and Marrickville.