Southern celebrations

A southerly front has cooled Sydney by ten degrees to a comfortable 23oC. Friends from Brisbane arrive tomorrow to join us for the festivities, Christmas lunch at Catalina Restaurant, Rose Bay.

It is too warm to light the fire, we will pretend with candles.

I hope that you have an enjoyable holiday, thank you for reading my blog,


12 thoughts on “Southern celebrations

  1. I was wondering how a Christmas card looks like in Australia, a country where the sun is shining now. Is there a Santa Claus, a Christmas tree or a reindeer or snow on the card? O yes!
    I wish you a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I had never contemplated, until making friends in your neck of the woods, the contrast that exists between the two hemispheres at this time of year. No “white Christmases” for you, I imagine. πŸ™‚ I grew up in Southern California where we mostly had soggy Christmases and decorated palm trees. lol I hope you have a wonderful one, Robert. One filled with much light, laughter, and love. May the New Year dawn brightly on you and yours. ❀

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