Motivation’s flagging, body’s dragging,
Gravity’s a reminder who’s in charge.
Brain’s lagging, too sluggish, unresponsive,
Interactions a drain on my reserves.
Inertia seems too great to overcome,
Solo downtime is needed to recharge.

Be kind to myself to see the result:
Stimulate life’s force; divert where needed;
Power’s pulsating; synapses arcing;
Extremities tingling; move with lightness.
Humanity – renewable resource.

Even though the world has whirled on around me this week, my energy levels have been at an all time low 😦

Human energy is the greatest renewable resource

Energy to build

I recently received an email from Emanuel Dagher to let me know that a combination of the recent solar eclipse and moon activity is a time for lots of moment and action. I took the picture of a small small yellow bird building a nest when we were in Port Douglas. It inspired me to share Emmanuel’s energy forecast for November:

This specific Eclipse is supporting us in anchoring more balance in the relationship with ourselves, others, our finances and the world around us. If we are someone who may still be struggling in any of these areas of our lives, this is the time to take a closer look at all the opportunities the Universe is presenting us with to finally transcend the limitations we’ve created that have kept us energies of struggle.

How do we transcend the struggle? It’s just about being open enough to learn the lesson around it. Once the lesson is learned, the struggle dissolves or simply no longer holds the same power over us as it may have in the past.

The Solar Eclipse is also inspiring fresh new ideas and concepts that will support even more positive changes in the world. These ideas will begin to spread like wildfire across the world, and will lead to the global movements necessary for global transformation to fully materialize in our collective experience.”

You can read the full forecast and more about Emmanuel on his website:
Emmanuel Dagher – energy forecast

Grains of creation

Everything connected through energy,
Atoms linked include the seen and unseen,
What has past, what is now and what will be,
Particles joined, grains of creation.

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved

Picture credit: Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI/NASA/ESA)

Taking flight


It is a while since I have flown in my dreams. I would often soar and hover at will; I wonder if this is common for those born of a cardinal air sign?

When I exercise, I listen to podcasts compiled by DJ Kam Shafaati, a waking alternative to my night flights.

A ball of energy forms deep within my being. As the beat and richness of the music rises and falls the power within me expands and contracts. When the track reaches a crescendo a feeling of exhilaration moves up through my body until there is an outward surge of power. The faster the tempo, the harder I work out. This set me up for the day ahead.

New Moon

rainbow colours

refracted light

I took advantage of the rising of the new moon on 15th September by invoking energy, motivation, persistence and resilience.

The effect of the waxing moon is proving to be a challenge, not only do I need to lose 13 cms from my waist, I have also commenced a project at work which will take over my life for the next two weeks.

For the past couple of weeks my weight has remained constant while my waist has reduced by a whole one centimeter, at this rate it will take 6 months of 5 x 35 minutes of cardio exercise per week to achieve the goal waist. The problem with full on projects is that I find it harder to exercise regularly and to eat sensibly.