Harvest time in the city

A couple of years ago we lived in a townhouse with a tiled courtyard and raised flower beds. For the first time since eating from my grand parent’s garden we were able to grow a delicious crop of rhubarb and lettuces.

Encouraged by our success when we moved to a house with a small garden, I planted basil seeds in pots and took more care of the potted fruit trees my partner had been giving me over the years.

This Summer we have been enjoying mint, basil, rosemary, bay leaf, thyme, oregano and marjoram. As the Autumn chill has crept into the mornings we have been harvesting. The olives will be ready on 9th May, the lemons and limes are ripening nicely and my partner has made basil pesto. I can’t find the right words to describe the deeply seated inner satisfaction of being able to grow, eat and share some of our food.

All you need is a bit of space, a little time and a sprinkle of patience to reap the benefits. Have a go!

Back to our garden roots urban-farming-and-limited-spaces

Herb Bee

Yesterday afternoon between rain showers I noticed two bees buzzing around the flowers of a herb plant, I think it is either Oregano or Marjoram. The above is the result of a little patience and minor cropping.

My partner bought me a Sony-NEX5 for my birthday in October 2012. This is an example of the amazing pictures one can capture with this hybrid digital SLR camera.