It’s a self fulfilling state of being,
not to be switched on and off to be kind,
it needs patience, caring, presence of mind,
active listening, compassion and seeing;
sharing from my heart enriches I find,
the soul, while relieving the daily grind,
and empathy holds the gift of freeing.

Tender caress of a warm, gentle breeze
carries a message from the divine,
“use feather light fingertips of kindly hands,
bring forth light from within to share, to shine”,
I drift away on barely rocking seas,
reflecting on deeds; my learning expands.

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved

It is a few decades since I have written a poem. To my knowledge I’ve never attempted a sonnet. Writing “Kindness” has been a fulfilling experience both in articulating what kindness means for me and in having the opportunity to learn a new skill. I took the photograph in 2012, knowing that one day I would have the opportunity to share the image of the kindest fingertips I know.

Your feedback would be appreciated.


25 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. Love the photo and the poem. You have definitely touched on something here. Kindness starts in the fingers, in touch, in gentleness, in tenderness. Bravo.

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  3. Interesting perspective and helpful to think of kindness as something which shouldn’t be switched on or off as to do so undermines the whole concept. My little baby grandson has a kind face I do hope that this will be predictive of his character. The poem articulates a yearning for kindness and I wonder will any of us ever receive enough to remove the scars left by unkindness. I’m glad you are in such close proximity to such kind hands. Good Poem and image xxx

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  5. learning to be patient and an active listener truly takes a lifetime to perfect but working diligently on these skills helps kindness to grow bigger within us. thanks for the reminder. ❤

  6. I thought your writing here was amazing
    The kindness of people is always reflected back to them
    Daniel angel from Cape Cornwall*´¨`*•.¸

    • Thank you, Daniel. I am a great believer that whatever you give out you get back threefold (good and bad) – sometimes it takes a while and not in the way you were expecting.

  7. Thank you for another fine poem, which has a similar or nearly identical rhyming scheme to that of your other poem entitled “Resolute Spirit of the Tree”. 🙂 You sound like a kind person.

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