Thank you for the music

When I was at secondary school it was totally uncool to listen to, let alone like ABBA. I spent many hours alone in my bedroom listening to music that transported me to far away places. It’s funny how things turned out for the shy boy from Birmingham. Who would have thought he would move to Australia 20 years after buying ABBA: The Album. It features music from the documentary film of ABBA’s Australian tour, ABBA: The Movie. 

We used our father’s redundancy money to go on our first overseas trip by aeroplane to Jersey in the Channel Islands. It was 1978, my parents, two brothers and I stayed full board for ten days at the Golden Sands Hotel. This is my first memory of live entertainment. I remember the soulful sound of a young woman in the bar, singing and strumming the guitar, while disco music pulsated from the ballroom. 

I look back with embarrassment at a naive 14 year old proudly taking his brand new vinyl album down to the ballroom because the DJ had not played any ABBA. Thankfully one of the tracks was played and this holiday was filed away in the recesses of my mind as a happy memory. 

I was filled with nostalgia as I read that last weekend was the 50th anniversary of the musical duo of Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson joining force and the first time in 30 years the group had performed together. 

I now say with pride that I was and still am an ABBA fan, thank you for the music!

Do you have a happy ABBA memory you would like to share?


It seems like years since I have seen a movie in a cinema. I was put off by pushy people and the over enthusiastic air conditioning. After lunch on Sunday we braved the Palace in Leichhardt.

Armed with popcorn, wine and a generous cheeseboard we took our pre-booked seats to see Interstellar. To my left, a space claimer (no pun intended) sat down in the chair next to me. By the way he behaved I think I must have been in his seat. This immediately set me into overcompensation “not to make a noise” mode.

I found the film spectacular, believable and the music awesome. I did not dare to break the spell of the the silence of space by munching on a brie loaded cracker. The only hiccup was me creating a constellation on the pristine black carpet at my feet. The contents of the box on my lap tipped as I reached for the wine bottle on the floor. I managed to hold it together as the space-rancher next to me jumped as he felt light balls of corn tumble down his right leg.

No one was harmed in writing this post.

Picture Credit: Fornax Galaxy, ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2