It seems like years since I have seen a movie in a cinema. I was put off by pushy people and the over enthusiastic air conditioning. After lunch on Sunday we braved the Palace in Leichhardt.

Armed with popcorn, wine and a generous cheeseboard we took our pre-booked seats to see Interstellar. To my left, a space claimer (no pun intended) sat down in the chair next to me. By the way he behaved I think I must have been in his seat. This immediately set me into overcompensation “not to make a noise” mode.

I found the film spectacular, believable and the music awesome. I did not dare to break the spell of the the silence of space by munching on a brie loaded cracker. The only hiccup was me creating a constellation on the pristine black carpet at my feet. The contents of the box on my lap tipped as I reached for the wine bottle on the floor. I managed to hold it together as the space-rancher next to me jumped as he felt light balls of corn tumble down his right leg.

No one was harmed in writing this post.

Picture Credit: Fornax Galaxy, ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2

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