At first glance these Edwardian railings appear to be an integral to Sydney’s Hyde Park. In fact, clever planting, neutral paint colour and repairs to the sandstone encircling the area tell a different story. 

They mark the entrance to an early 20th century underground men’s toilet. Most of these facilities were demolished or filled to ground level in the 1990s. 

So many euphemisms attempt to conceal the identity of these essential services. This testament to the past almost succeeds.

What am I?

Seemingly hard polished outside,

Smooth, shiny and cool to the touch. 

Perfect for travels far and wide;

Pochette for cleansers, paints and such.

What am I?

Outer marching ants stitched just right. 
Inside cheerful stripes on white.

Timeless, long lasting luxury;

A welcome gift for you and me.
What am I?

The perfect gift for Father’s Day!
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