This apartment block is one of many in a tree lined road with planted verges. Off street parking and providing access to the buildings limits the space available for gardens. Clever planting provides colour and life to this otherwise austere facade. Agaves are one of our favourites, we will include some in our tropical garden. 

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Tropicanna Gold
More precious than diamonds


We love our holidays in Port Douglas so much that we have talked about creating a tropical garden. 

This is a medium to long term plan when we find a home in Newcastle. 

This picture, taken at work, shows plant possibilities; simple and effective. 

Tropical Spring


This metal lighthouse makes an impact as we enter a clearing. We have walked through dense bush, from one side of the Isand to the other. It is Spring on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia, the only human inhabitants of this tropical paradise is the lighthouse keeper and his family.