Tech challenged


I can be such a duffer sometimes!

I mostly use the WordPress app for iPad to post stuff to my blog. Last night, in the comfort of my recliner, I decided that I would ‘tidy up’ my posts. In the list there were a number of posts that didn’t have titles, I thought to myself maybe I had started a post and not finished it.

In a moment of total disregard for my actions, I merrily clicked the dustbin symbol. Unfortunate move as blogs that I’d re-blogged disappeared. When I returned to the blogs I couldn’t re-blog for a second time.

Here are the ones I can remember:

Planet Earth Macro World
23 Qualities of Love
Triglav National Park, Slovenia

2 thoughts on “Tech challenged

  1. Hahahahaha! Yes, I know the feeling. I have gotten into the habit of opening up any re-blog on my site right away, then going to “edit” and putting in the title of the re-blogged post, then I know what the post is that had “no” title.
    Thanks again for the link to my post!

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