Vibrant green hues

Sunday, 20oC (68oF), a relief to feel cooler air around my bare arms and legs, to hear rain rattling on the tin roof and intermittent bird song. The peace of nature is broken by the sound of a child’s cries, the whoosh of cars and the din of planes climbing into the sky. Thank fully Sydney’s east – west runway is not constantly in use.

Countless vivid green hues have come to life in the garden, a vibrant scene set against a grey stained sky.

Yesterday it was a muggy 29oC (84oF), with no plans for Australia Day we did 35 minutes of cardio followed by a walk up King Street to the hardware store, chatting about how quiet Newtown seemed for a Saturday morning. By the time we took Stan for his walk the sun was breaking through the clouds, increasing the steamy conditions.

A couple of happy hours cooling down in the pool proved the perfect apertif for a barbecue with friends on their balcony, watching the sun go down behind the inner city sprawl. At 9:00 pm we heard the fireworks being let off from Darling Harbour.

For the last month the land in New South Wales has been baked dry by the sun, a record 45oC (113oF) was recorded on 18th January, there has been little rain. The brave people of the Rural Fire Service have again saved homes from raging bush fires. It seems a contradiction to me that we celebrate occasions with fireworks when there are so many near escapes in Australia every year.

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