Be the Media

I wonder how many countries legally allow the media to do this?

Cheri Speak

In 59 B.C. the first newspaper — called Acta Diurna (latin for  Daily Acts or Daily Public Records), was published in Rome. Carved into wood or stone, verdicts and outcomes of legal issues were publicly posted to inform the city’s citizens. Soon the “Acta” was a source for news including announcements of births, marriages and other happenings. Etched at the end of each text was the saying,  “publicare et propagare” or “make public and propagate“. It wasn’t until later that this new means to propagate was used for propaganda.

For a long time our media has not been what it should be. Words like “reputable”, “fair”, and “honest” are not words to describe current day media. We have given corporations and governments the power to manipulate through information. It’s unfortunate that there are still some people who believe news outlets are their friends and a great public service.

Many people…

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