Blue sky thinking

I am privileged to have a line manager who believes in my abilities. As part of my professional development my manager suggested I have some coaching. Part of my coaching homework is to identify what my ideal job would look like. Here are my ideas so far in the order I thought of them:

  • An open plan office for project work (this could be virtual)
  • Consultation room for one-to-one conversations and alone time
  • Windows
  • Plants
  • On the second or third floor so that I can take the stairs
  • Adjustable lighting level
  • Flexible working in and out of office
  • Serve a purpose, improve, create
  • Independent temperature control
  • Easy access to a gym, cafe, shops, transport
  • Walking distance or short trip by one mode of public transport from home
  • Space to create – walls, tables, stuff to create with
  • Tools to research and develop ideas
  • Be able to discuss ideas with others
  • Direct reports working under broad direction*
  • Workforce with a balance of skills and experience*
  • Access to a kitchen
  • Financial security
  • Easy access to tranquil outside space
  • Power struggle and politics free

*most of my roles to date have included managing people, maybe not in the future?

I’m happy to receive your suggestions of suitable employers πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Blue sky thinking

  1. Wow. I have been asked that question before and it’s hard to answer in that kind of situation. An ideal job? For me, it means working with a group of people who genuinely enjoy each other, who support each other and are willing to work collaboratively. It means management that is open to suggestions, shares information (and credit) freely, and cares enough about their subordinates to encourage them, support them, defend them, and protect them. The physical environmental factors that you enumerated are nice, but they pale in significance to the personal and interpersonal factors (at least for me).

  2. That last point might prove the most difficult.
    I am lucky.. I have my ideal ‘job’… the only part I would change is a PC that doesn’t crash so often.. and an income that meets basic needs would be nice πŸ™‚

  3. I work with a lot of those conditions you’ve listed. I know that I am blessed both with my workplace and my boss; and have had some wonderful people come through the office.

    We’re staffed mostly by volunteers so they come and go…for various reasons. I would enjoy less managing and training..more paid/committed staff.

    We’re on the second floor and look out over a central courtyard full of green – so nice πŸ™‚

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