Twelfth Bloggers for Peace post

A tree is a tree, with light the Olive is distinguishable from the Jasmina in the background. Similarly peace needs to be showcased, front of mind, normal and mainstream.

For the final month of the 2013 Bloggers for Peace challenge we are charged with writing about how we would throw a party for peace. I find it notable that there are bloggers like myself who are not especially fond of parties. With this in mind I would like to arrange an inaugural annual week long People for Peace festival.

The whole World is invited, people can choose how they will join in, be it physically or virtually. The guiding principle is that peace is the responsibility of all. Activities and contributions are voluntary by one or many. A website will be available for contributors to promote their events. Participants will have the opportunity of being recorded on a People for Peace roll.

More information about Bloggers for Peace is available at Bloggers4Peace

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