Dandelions I have seen growing in verges and parks near my home in Sydney appear to be a smaller variety to the ones I grew up with in England, UK. My assumption that this ‘weed’ is not native to Australia is confirmed on the Survival and Self Sufficiency website.


This dandelion somehow survived a recent lawn cutting in the park to produce the familiar feather light ball of seeds I knew as fairies. I would release them by blowing on the ball to watch them float gently into the air. The medicinal and nutritious properties of this humble plant may be responsible for its magical reputation, you can find more about this on My Virtual Flower blog.

11 thoughts on “Fairies

  1. Speaking of wonderful properties of dandelions, scientists say that the sap could be used to make tires, and that one day we may have more dandelion tires than rubber tires. No kidding.

    Thanks for sharing the dandelion photo! Here on the East Coast of the USA , the dandelions are just now coming into full bloom.

    All the best to you —

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