Advice for the young at heart

I took this picture of wall covering at Gowings Bar and Grill.

The lyrics (edited) are from one of my favourite Tears for Fears songs released in 1989.

Advice for the Young at Heart
Advice for the young at heart
Soon we will be older
When we gonna make it work?

Too many people living in a secret world
While they play mothers and fathers
We play little boys and girls
When we gonna make it work?

I could be happy
I could be quite naive
It’s only me and my shadows
Happy in our make believe

And with the hounds at bay
I’ll call your bluff
Cos it would be okay
To walk on tiptoes everyday

And when I think of you and all the love that’s due
I’ll make a promise, I’ll make a stand
Cos to these big brown eyes, this comes as no surprise
We’ve got the whole wide world in our hands

Love is promise
Love is a souvenir
Once given
Never forgotten, never let it disappear
This could be our last chance
When we gonna make it work?

Working hour is over
And how it makes me weep
Cos someone sent my soul to sleep

Working hour is over
We can do anything that we want
Anything that we feel like doing

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