7 thoughts on “Recycled 

    • I did the following:
      1. Mixed together 30g sugar, a handful of mixed dried fruit and a tsp of mixed spice
      2. Rolled the dough out to an oblong 30 x 15 cm
      3. Using a knife, gently spread a thin layer of soft butter over the dough
      4. Sprinkled a third of the fruit mixture onto the dough making sure multiples pieces did not stick together
      5. Folded the top third of the dough down and the bottom third up – like for puff pastry
      6. Turned the dough a quarter turn
      7. Repeated 2-6 twice
      8. Tightly rolled the dough into a sausage shape
      9. Using a bowl scraper I cut the dough into six slices
      10. Arranged the slices cut side down on a lined baking tin with space to spread
      11. Covered the tin with a plastic box to prove for about 30 mins
      12. Preheated the oven to 200oC
      13. Baked for 20 mins
      14. Meanwhile made glaze from 1 tbsp sugar and 2 tbsp milk
      15. Glazed the tops when fresh from the oven and added 1/2 cherry to the middle
      16. Left to cool on a wire rack

      They are delicious eaten slightly warm 🙂

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