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I recently received an email from WordPress to remind me that September is the anniversary of the birth of This proved to be the catalyst for me to to reflect on why I blog, review the blog’s categories and look to the future.

In the beginning
I can clearly remember the feeling of trepidation as I clicked to share my first post with the World. It was called Memory, Motivation, Momentum, you can read it here – you will be part of a select group. So many negative thoughts ran through my mind: ‘Why would anyone be interested?’; ‘I will look like a fool’; and ‘Who do I think I am?’ When I started blogging three years ago I was unsure of why I was doing so. I half expected that it was just another phase that would wax and wane.

The path
Generally, I don’t have a lot to say; considering myself a trifle dull. I can see the interest die in the eyes of most people when I talk to them. I learned late in life that it is okay to be a shy introvert. Walking the path to rid myself of the masks, walls and perceived expectations I have buit up is not a easy as I anticipated. Being part of the blogging community has helped me along this journey. It is reassuring to know that there are people who are interested in what I have to say, even if it is only in a few words.
Significant periods in my life seem to be marked by decade long milestones. Each one signals the removal of a gossamer veil from my inner eye, one after another. My purpose in this earthly form becomes tantalisingly clearer. This often inspires me to create and share pictures, poems and posts.

The future
I plan to add a ‘personal development’ category to my blog. I will capture the articles and posts that resonate with me and explain how the concepts relate to my own experiences. The travel category will be removed.
Thank you for reading this short insight into why I blog and where I am going. I truly appreciate being part of your conversations, and you liking, commenting and following my blog.
Being myself, Robert

44 thoughts on “Being myself

  1. I have never found meeting and getting to know someone “boring.” The most interesting people are those who are honest, open and introspective. I look forward to reading more from you.

  2. Hooray! Celebrating with you your journey in discovering your uniqueness and the finding the courage to share it.

    A scary undertaking, but with a rich harvest. At 78, I know whereof I speak.

    As an ENFP the journey inward is scarier, but the sharing is easier. Each type and each person has stronger and weaker areas.

    Wishing you all the blessings of the journey.

  3. Happy blogging anniversary Robert. Transitions are exciting and I look forward to your posts reflecting this new dimension you have described.

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  5. Robert – Congratulations, a little bit late, on your anniversary.

    “Each one signals the removal of a gossamer veil from my inner eye, one after another. My purpose in this earthly form becomes tantalisingly clearer.”

    This quote rang true to me. Thank you for putting it so eloquently.

    I, too, share a September Anniversary (the 15th).GP Cox and I connected way back then. Sometimes it feels like eons ago and sometimes, just yesterday. I have also grown as my blog style has changed. I think we are in the spring of our blog-lives. Isn’t it FUN ?

  6. I’ve had a plate full this year. Sorry I have neglected a friend.
    How’s life been treating you.
    As for me I at last this past year met a guy that I actually liked and have had a great year. Sad smile, he(army guy) has been posted to Korea and I don’t know how well such a short friendship will stand up to his year+ in Korea.
    Happy Gardening

    • I don’t feel neglected; your posts connect with something deep inside me, a longing to get in touch with my rural heritage. My maternal family were children of industrialisation, the only link to the land being an allotment where my Granddad grew vegetables. By researching my family tree I discovered that my paternal family were farmers in Shropshire, this is my ancestral connection to the land.

      As European settlement of Australia is relatively recent and the cultural heritage of Italy and other Mediterranean countries is strong, growing at home to eat is still around. An urban farming movement is slowly gaining ground too. These people often learned from their parents and grandparents.

      I eagerly harvest thyme, rosemary, mint, bay leaves, and chives from the garden as I enjoy cooking from scratch. I’m excited to see that there may be a good crop of limes and olives this year.

      Enough about me, I feel for you; to find someone and then have to endure the uncertainty of time and distance can be extremely draining.

      Your friend down under, Robert

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