Being myself


I recently received an email from WordPress to remind me that September is the anniversary of the birth of This proved to be the catalyst for me to to reflect on why I blog, review the blog’s categories and look to the future.

In the beginning
I can clearly remember the feeling of trepidation as I clicked to share my first post with the World. It was called Memory, Motivation, Momentum, you can read it here – you will be part of a select group. So many negative thoughts ran through my mind: ‘Why would anyone be interested?’; ‘I will look like a fool’; and ‘Who do I think I am?’ When I started blogging three years ago I was unsure of why I was doing so. I half expected that it was just another phase that would wax and wane.

The path
Generally, I don’t have a lot to say; considering myself a trifle dull. I can see the interest die in the eyes of most people when I talk to them. I learned late in life that it is okay to be a shy introvert. Walking the path to rid myself of the masks, walls and perceived expectations I have buit up is not a easy as I anticipated. Being part of the blogging community has helped me along this journey. It is reassuring to know that there are people who are interested in what I have to say, even if it is only in a few words.
Significant periods in my life seem to be marked by decade long milestones. Each one signals the removal of a gossamer veil from my inner eye, one after another. My purpose in this earthly form becomes tantalisingly clearer. This often inspires me to create and share pictures, poems and posts.

The future
I plan to add a ‘personal development’ category to my blog. I will capture the articles and posts that resonate with me and explain how the concepts relate to my own experiences. The travel category will be removed.
Thank you for reading this short insight into why I blog and where I am going. I truly appreciate being part of your conversations, and you liking, commenting and following my blog.
Being myself, Robert

Rainbow Spiral

When I write, draw and paint I become completely absorbed in the task, as if a creative power has taken over my mind and body. Those that follow this blog, know that I’m an introvert with something to say using a quiet voice. I speak to those who want to listen, rather than competing with those who talk over me.

I created the Rainbow Spiral picture above in an unconscious moment, while trying out a stylus for iPad, my dear friend Matt gave to me. The spirals reflect the interconnection between people on their paths to enlightenment. The movement and colours are inspired by this time of year when Sydney celebrates Mardi Gras.

The first gay and lesbian Mardi Gras Parade was held in 1978 to lobby politicians for equal rights. One of the reasons my partner and I moved to Australia in 1998 was that the land down under appeared to be more progressive in the equality arena. How times have changed, same sex marriage has passed the House of Commons in the UK. My partner and I celebrate 20 years together this year, yet we do not have the same rights as married couples.

I believe that equality is one of the prerequisites for peace. This is still a far off dream here.