Tyree Energy Technologies Building

Tyree Energy Technologies Building, UNSW

Alighting at a bus stop on Anzac Parade, the Tyree building, on lower campus is the first one I walk past each workday morning. This facade faces the main walkway. Trees and a canopy shield patrons of the Navitas cafe and passersby, on the ground floor. 

According to the Engineering website the building has won many architectural awards and

It is home to the Australian Energy Research Institute (AERI), the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy and the School of Petroleum Engineering, providing a space where research, education and industry can collaborate in the development and implementation of sustainable energy technologies. A roof-top area is set up for the testing of photovoltaic arrays, a key component of the research of the facility. 

The building was named after Sir William Tyree, a UNSW alumnus, successful innovator, businessman and major philanthropic supporter of Australian engineering and educational research. Sir William generously donated $1 million towards the new center and pledged a further bequest of $10 million.

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