Old friends

We never grow tired of seeing the Sydney Opera House. It is synonymous with living in this Antipodean city. We are thrilled when friends visit and we get to experience the moment when they see it for the first time.

A couple of weeks ago our next door neighbour from Worcester, England came to visit. She is working in Brisbane for six months. Even though we had not caught up for 22 plus years, the conversations were like it was yesterday.

Tracey saw the Opera House as we arrived at Circular Quay train station. This picture was taken from the ferry. We were on our way to Manly for lunch.

4 thoughts on “Old friends

  1. One of my life’s ambitions is to attend something, anything at the Sydney Opera house. I hope someday now I will do it with you if you are willing.

    • A truly wonderful experience! I particularly like sipping an interval drink watching the boats on the Harbour. Of course we should see something together.

  2. Thank you, Robert, for sharing your affection for this iconic sight and for dovetailing it so beautifully with a friendship that has endured both time and space. All the best, mate. PS. You made me look up “Antipodean”! : )

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