Ab-usual un-normal

Deep blue sky unmarked by cloud or objects high

Longest shadows cast low upon journey’s path

Soul chilling clamminess battles warming morning

Lively zombies walking jogging ambling waving

Covid-19 avoidance strategies employed

Brazen blooms bounce in the gentle breeze

Poincianas advance into skeletal slumber

Dew laden blades tightly packed unmoving

Noisy silence interspersed with staccato birdsong trilling

Strangeness of feeling being part of the ab-usual un-normal

2 thoughts on “Ab-usual un-normal

  1. I hope that you both are safe and healthy. We hear no more about the terrible fires that raged for weeks and this new crisis must be an additional burden for many. Best Wishes!

    • Thank you for checking in. The wild storms we had in February extinguished the remaining fires. This latest challenge has wiped out Mark’s Airbnb business, the silver lining being I can use the room as a home office. Week 3 of working from home starts tomorrow. We are more fortunate than most. So pleased Spring has started for you. Robert

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