Merry Christmas 2022

What a year this has been, what a strange mood I’m in…..

Left hand sporting chipped China Red nail polish.
It started off as an idea of red, green, red, green until I realised the six colour nail varnish kit is ‘gel’, requiring curing under a UV or LED light.

Eh bien!

The last two weeks at work have been a frenetic push to complete everything possible before starting just over a week off.

We welcomed our friends from Sydney yesterday afternoon. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to spend Christmas with them again; the last in this house.

We have settled on two options for a new home, a top floor apartment closer to the city or a detached single storey house on a modest block of land with at least a one hour commute into the office.

The new location will remain unknown until we sell this one.

My husband has been rewarded with much gratitude from the local charity shop as we ruthlessly donate, clothes, glass wear, electrical items, etc.

It is a cloudy 29oC Christmas Eve. In unison we four sit on the patio gazing at our phones while sipping an Espresso Martini to the dulcet tones of light jazz.

Merry Christmas, dear readers xxx

11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2022

  1. Merry Christmas ! Here’s unasked advice on making choices that I received years ago from an elderly minister. List choices with what you like about each one, but also list what you dislike about each. Then choose the dislike one that you can live with best long term.

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