Holiday Monday Ghoul

I’m pleased with the second attempt, more ghoul, less demon.

Finding inspiration in the unusual, I could not resist this image cast on the floor, through last night’s wine decanter.

The first attempt was more imagined, something was eager to be released.

Peaceful moment

Loud country silence is heard. 

Distant sounds; insects and birds. 

Transition from day to night,

Air hinting of chill. 

Softly bathed in Autumn light,

The landscape is still. 
This peaceful moment was captured during a recent trip to Orange and Mudgee, five hours’ drive inland from Sydney. 

Russet ramblings

There is something satisfying about saying the word russet outloud. 

A rolling of the “rrr ; feel the vibration in your chest. 

Accentuating the “ss” sound followed by a long sexy “eht”.

For me this word encompasses the rich bounty of Autumn’s harvest.