Rainbow Spiral

When I write, draw and paint I become completely absorbed in the task, as if a creative power has taken over my mind and body. Those that follow this blog, know that I’m an introvert with something to say using a quiet voice. I speak to those who want to listen, rather than competing with those who talk over me.

I created the Rainbow Spiral picture above in an unconscious moment, while trying out a stylus for iPad, my dear friend Matt gave to me. The spirals reflect the interconnection between people on their paths to enlightenment. The movement and colours are inspired by this time of year when Sydney celebrates Mardi Gras.

The first gay and lesbian Mardi Gras Parade was held in 1978 to lobby politicians for equal rights. One of the reasons my partner and I moved to Australia in 1998 was that the land down under appeared to be more progressive in the equality arena. How times have changed, same sex marriage has passed the House of Commons in the UK. My partner and I celebrate 20 years together this year, yet we do not have the same rights as married couples.

I believe that equality is one of the prerequisites for peace. This is still a far off dream here.

15 thoughts on “Rainbow Spiral

  1. I agree with you, it shouldn’t matter. If people love each other enough to commit, then they should be allowed to marry, whatever their sexual orientation. And congrats on your twenty years together. 🙂

  2. Before my husband and I were married, when we were “just living together” but were engaged, my husband had an accident at work and was sent to the hospital. Because we were not married, the hospital staff would not give me updates or tell me what was going on. They would, however, tell his sister (who never lived with us and saw him fairly infrequently). That experience will stay in my memory forever.

    Congratulations on 20 years!

    • Thank you for sharing your story. We would be in a similar position if we were hospitalised. Retirement is an even more scary thought. The majority of establishments do not allow same sex couples……..

      • I sincerely hope the situation is different by the time you’re of retirement age … much, much sooner, actually! … but people change very, very slowly.
        All the best –

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