Plea for advice


Helter-skelter bark o’er limbs entwined
Twisting up, around and down to ground.
Memories of life and death enshrined
In branches, trunk, roots; barely a sound.

Majestic earthbound spirit of tree
Do me the honour, share thy stories.
I make this humble request of thee,
Let me now learn from past glories.

Hold me in thy rugged embrace here
To share wisdom and be enlightened.
Can we commune on life, death and fear,
Nature’s cycles and of peace strengthened?

Of man’s selfishness now and of old;
Magic talismans of power sought;
In keeping Earth’s balance be told,
The twists and turns of battles fought?

In struggles between darkness and light
Is there a part for me in this plight?
How can I help to make it alright?
What’s required to ensure future bright?

(c) Robert Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved

Sabre Ficus

While enjoying the sunshine on the deck yesterday I noticed the way the light illuminated the various leaf colours of the Sabre or long leaf Ficus. I eagerly collected my camera so that I could capture the moment.

After a couple of close up shots I realised that the camera angle was all wrong. I returned to where I had been sitting on the day bed and took the picture from there.

Hey presto I am able to share the dark green to salmon pink scene with you.

Twelfth Bloggers for Peace post

A tree is a tree, with light the Olive is distinguishable from the Jasmina in the background. Similarly peace needs to be showcased, front of mind, normal and mainstream.

For the final month of the 2013 Bloggers for Peace challenge we are charged with writing about how we would throw a party for peace. I find it notable that there are bloggers like myself who are not especially fond of parties. With this in mind I would like to arrange an inaugural annual week long People for Peace festival.

The whole World is invited, people can choose how they will join in, be it physically or virtually. The guiding principle is that peace is the responsibility of all. Activities and contributions are voluntary by one or many. A website will be available for contributors to promote their events. Participants will have the opportunity of being recorded on a People for Peace roll.

More information about Bloggers for Peace is available at Bloggers4Peace

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December Peace


There is nothing wrong with beneath.
Sometimes I prefer to dwell here
Among earthly things to amuse,
Running the risk of being caught
In tangled grip of undergrowth.
Too much to distract and let go,
Impeding my return aloft.
Inner light shines through the darkness,
Showing me the way to rejoin
The path, to soar above again.

Marvellous light

In the midst of dank intestinal twists,
A fetid cavernous abyss lies, where
Forgotten rheumy eyed daemons languish.
In the gloom, glowering grotesque gremlins
Grab ghostly globules from around a tomb.

Glistening silver threads of ectoplasm,
Crisscross overhead caught in pinprick shafts
Of moonlight. Crystalline walls emit a
Faint rose pink light, gently pulsing, adding
Incorporeal warmth to the womb like room.

Rise from the depths of despair, grasp the flame
Within, shine it on the sinuous path,
Marvel in the power of inner light.

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved

Refracted light

refracted light

refracted light

I have always enjoyed rainbows; it took a physics class for me to realise that they are created by light refracted through water droplets. I remember directing white light at a prism and being amazed at the colour spectrum emitted from the other side.

magic bathroom

magic bathroom

This fascination sparked my interest in candle magic, auras and chakras. I count myself fortunate to live in a house that has a leaded, coloured glass window in the bathroom. Some of the clear glass panels have bevels that catch the bright northern light (southern hemisphere) and project rainbows onto the white porcelain fittings and tiles. The effect is heartening and magical.