It is so easy to slip into automatic pilot for the journey to work. Today was different. I would like to thank the driver who welcomed me to his bus with a chirpy “good morning”. 

Since prepaid fares have been introduced in Sydney there is little need to interact with the driver. Being greeting was part of the story; the driver also played familiar songs and wished everyone a good day as they alighted. 
I tell others about the beauty of Australia, usually referring to the beaches, outback and rainforests. Today I was given several moments in urban paradise. 
The songs included Don’t you forget about me by Simple Minds, Really wanna know you by Gary Wright and Paradise by Coldplay. 

Tropical Spring


This metal lighthouse makes an impact as we enter a clearing. We have walked through dense bush, from one side of the Isand to the other. It is Spring on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia, the only human inhabitants of this tropical paradise is the lighthouse keeper and his family.