It is so easy to slip into automatic pilot for the journey to work. Today was different. I would like to thank the driver who welcomed me to his bus with a chirpy “good morning”. 

Since prepaid fares have been introduced in Sydney there is little need to interact with the driver. Being greeting was part of the story; the driver also played familiar songs and wished everyone a good day as they alighted. 
I tell others about the beauty of Australia, usually referring to the beaches, outback and rainforests. Today I was given several moments in urban paradise. 
The songs included Don’t you forget about me by Simple Minds, Really wanna know you by Gary Wright and Paradise by Coldplay. 

2 thoughts on “Paradise

  1. Sounds like he enjoys refreshing people’s memories with some of the oldies or perhaps introducing some people to them for the first time.I think it’s a great move on his part to want to interact with his passengers and brighten their day.
    I get a good feeling when someone tells me one of the songs on my blog has brought back good memories or maybe that they haven’t heard a group before and want to hear more. I of course have a great time every night deciding what’s going on the blog and listening to it and others.
    Have a Great Week

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