The f word

When feeling wronged, hurt and in pain, keep faith
In the universal threefold rule, what’s
Given out, good or bad comes back to you
Thrice as strong, free yourself from the gnawing
Pangs of hatred and thoughts of vengeance hard,
Let those without sin cast the first stone, it’s
Time to forgive yourself, change foes to friends
Be the first to offer an olive branch
That’s bearing fruits of forgiveness,
Give yourself permission to move forward,
Feel anguish lift from shoulders heavy, dark
Clouds clear, inner shadows recede, open
Your heart, welcome in warmth of compassion,
Now drink from the fountain of forgiveness.

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved

300 Kcal Oracle

Whenever I need inspiration or
Motivation, I seek assistance from
The elliptical cross trainer, waiting
To release my mind from endless chatter,
Twenty five minutes uninterrupted,
Music cranked, pen and note pad ready, set,
I’m off, a different journey every time,
Level? eight, reading heart rate . . . enter age,
Think, forty nine, enter weight, hmm eighty
seven, arms, legs, music pumping, release
time, expand time, ideas explode, fly,
Connect, collide, pictures form, write, drink, breathe,
Over in a heart beat, cool down … average
Heart rate one hundred and thirty six, wow!

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved

The Peaceful Way

Time for universal truce, equity,
Honesty, mutual respect and love
Engage in casting aside prejudice,

Paradise eternal shines bright within,
Encouraging, empowering, the brave
Ambassadors of enlightenment to
Come together, to share and to nurture,
Energies combined, helping others to
Free the mind from judging, a few steps more,
Understanding embraced, connectedness
Leading man in selfless acts of kindness

Wave white flags, unite, surrender to peace
A blank canvas to create the path for
Young, old, to join in worldwide harmony

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved

Surprise gift

One sunny January afternoon,
Caught sight of a glowing red ball float by,
Gentle breeze guides the bobbing balloon,
Reflecting the warmth of the day, say “hi!”
Pneumatic globe, bringer of mirth and joy
– Good luck, happy birthday, have a safe trip,
Man and child enjoy this temporary toy,
Random occurrence or sylphs hands to ship?
Held fast by finest, silvery, silken web,
Red string trails artfully, above, behind,
Watching the strength of the spider’s home ebb,
The balloon appears to fight against bind,
Strong wind swirls, tugs and shoves until its free
Manmade gift from nature swept up a tree

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved


Enjoy the moment

Our eyes turn heavenward,
See technicolour coil,
Unwinding up, outward,
Watery, rainbow tears foil
Future, past, present sight,
Flashing before your eyes,
Refracted spectral light,
Glittering spangle dies,
Intensity fading,
Luminescence shaded,
Clarity dulls, clouding,
Psychedelic splashes,
Now retinal flashes.

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved

Majestic Renewal

The balance of life on Earth’s delicate,
We continue to mine, bore and extract,
Impact of man is hard to estimate,
If we don’t act what will nature exact;
Earthquake, flood, fire, and mountain rumble.
Gaia needs to recover from harsh treatment,
Lands have to unite, prevent the crumble,
Is it too late for the environment,
Effect of our efforts only be guessed,
Reverse the damage for a second chance,
If we succeed we will truly be blessed;
Waters team with life, animals prance
Earth fertile, sky bright, forest majestic.
What will it take to be altruistic?

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved

What if……..


Body beautiful is all in the mind,
Years seem like moments, everything feels new,
Secrets of life known by more than a few,
Wonders occur when planets are aligned,
It costed nothing for all to be kind,
Lies are an anathema, all is true,
Man can appreciate plant adorned dew,
Love conquers all when our hearts are entwined,

The perfect house by the sea does exist,
There is far more to life than what’s on show,
There’s time enough to do the bucket list,
Gold can be found, each end of the rainbow,
Spending time together should not be missed,
Earth will again shine with heavenly glow.

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved

Time for Rebirth


Birth rates explode, highways choke, buildings soar,
Man’s pollution adds to global warming,
Nature responds with electric storming,
Power struggles between nations bring war,
Plundered resources stripped from the Earth pour
Economies fall, others are booming,
“There’s nothing wrong the data is zooming!”
Always the call to provide more, more, more

Evolution speaks it needs a new deal,
A time bomb is ticking to bring rebirth,
Help needs investment, yes it can be bought,
There’s mounting support from the around Earth,
Our planet needs time to renew, to heal,
Is it worth bothering? Surely we aught!

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved

Resolute Spirit of the Tree


Green moss adorned onlooker of the World,
Home to insects, animals, birds and snakes,
Lashed by rain, lightening scarred, while the sun bakes;
Stalwart sentinel, twisting branches, knurled,
Reaching to clouds on high with leaves unfurled,
Seasons run their course; sudden peace breaks
As man cuts down life for the wood he takes
Screeching saw, “Timber!” strip, chop, trim and hurled.

Fearsome visage masks gentle inner force,
Resolute guardian, woodland watcher stands,
Spirit strong among the trees’ earth bound roots;
The forest needs to stand free from man’s hands,
The cycle of life, a natural resource,
Relieve harm to Gaia as man pollutes.

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved

I was inspired to write this poem when I saw what appeared to be a face, spine and pelvis in the mirrored image of moss growing on a tree trunk in Sydney Park.


It’s a self fulfilling state of being,
not to be switched on and off to be kind,
it needs patience, caring, presence of mind,
active listening, compassion and seeing;
sharing from my heart enriches I find,
the soul, while relieving the daily grind,
and empathy holds the gift of freeing.

Tender caress of a warm, gentle breeze
carries a message from the divine,
“use feather light fingertips of kindly hands,
bring forth light from within to share, to shine”,
I drift away on barely rocking seas,
reflecting on deeds; my learning expands.

(c) Robert Jones 2013, All Rights Reserved

It is a few decades since I have written a poem. To my knowledge I’ve never attempted a sonnet. Writing “Kindness” has been a fulfilling experience both in articulating what kindness means for me and in having the opportunity to learn a new skill. I took the photograph in 2012, knowing that one day I would have the opportunity to share the image of the kindest fingertips I know.

Your feedback would be appreciated.