March of progress

This building in Dulwich Hill, Sydney, NSW, is in the process of being demolished to make way for a development of apartments.

I can imagine a corrugated metal bull nosed roof providing shade for the occupants of a balcony that is adorned with iron lace work.You can see how the former roof has protected the paint from the sun’s bleaching rays, marked by shading of the painted surfaces.

I particularly like the blue French doors contrasted against the yellow wall, it reminds me of the heat of a European Summer. It is a shame that the whole building wasn’t painted with the same colours.

Silver clouds and cows

After a few disappointing exhibitions in Australia, I had low expectations of Andy Warhol at Te Papa Museum in Wellington, New Zealand. I am happy to say I enjoyed it. It was good to see early pencil sketches along with the predictable famous portraits.

The highlight for me was the Silver Cloud and Cows installation. Large helium filled rectangular shaped silver pillows gently float above and around. The pink cow head on yellow wallpaper is reflected on the surface of the inflated silver oblongs. I found the ever changing surfaces calming.

A fellow blogger has pictures:

SmARTy ART Chick