Life Through Time

When considering time in terms of months of the year I visualize an ellipse. Like a racetrack with January and December marking the beginning and end of the cycle. For me January to June tends to be a gentler gradient and a slower pace than July to December. By mid December I’m in need of a break.

The years in my life appear as a stack of ellipses joined together in an upward spiral. When I was a child a year seemed to last forever, so using this perception of time the first ellipse located at the bottom would be the widest. The ellipses reduce in size as they coil up forming an elliptical cone.

This is the path of my life through time, I can see where I’ve been and where I am now. I can make a guess at what will be happening in the next few months, beyond this the path is unclear. I wonder if my journey will continue to a peak or will the years appear to pass more slowly as I move into old age. In this scenario the path of my life could end up looking like a lopsided hourglass.

What does the shape of your life through time look like?

4 thoughts on “Life Through Time

  1. Right now it is like a dark hallway in a dark house I forgot I owned. I know in one of those dark rooms is what I’m seeking…just don’t know exactly which one yet. What lies ahead is unknown, but worth poking around for. 😉

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