Spring in the Northern Hemisphere

After living in the Southern Hemisphere for the last fifteen years I thought I had connected the months of the year with the feeling of the seasons. I have immersed myself in the Australian way of life and pushed thoughts of the Northern Hemisphere to the back of my mind.

Six months into becoming involved with the blogging community and spending time online has brought home to me the contrast between the two hemispheres. It is so refreshing to read about the excitement around the start of Spring in the north. An unusually warm March in Sydney and Autumn flowers have lulled me into thinking it is Spring here too, what a shock I will get when Winter starts 🙂

I took the above photo late in the afternoon with my mobile phone in a local park. I like the colours and textures against the blue sky.

11 thoughts on “Spring in the Northern Hemisphere

  1. Yes us southerners are awaiting the Autumn approach, which this year with the heat and late rains, might not even get here.. I have a feeling we’re going from summer direct to winter, do not pass go and collect 200, it has happened before and when it does, it normally bodes a colder than normal winter.. Oh well we will have to wait and see….

  2. That season shift would take some getting used to. When I was in Australia…early 90’s…it was February which I guess was late summer …like September or October here? Beautiful pic 🙂

    • I’m not sure how accurate I am in saying this, the seasons tend to start on the first day of a month – Summer 1st Dec, Autumn 1st Mar etc. we have had an unusually hot and humid February and March with 35+ highs. Thank you for your feedback Paula.

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      • That just makes it worse.. sighs… we are at that inbetween stage when it is cold, can’t make its mind up between sun or cloud, keeps trying to snow.. yet there is that indefinable feel of spring in the air. Another week or two and England will be green again.
        Where did you hail from, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • An interesting question, my father’s family are from Shropshire, my mother’s from Birmingham and the the Black Country. I was born in Birmingham and spent my late teen and early twenties in Worcester. I have this inner struggle being drawn between urban and rural life.

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