Tell me how does it feel

About 20 minutes into powering away on the cross trainer, the track “Tell me how does it feel”, by Adiva and Vicky Fee, remixed by Kam Shafaati, gives me the boost I need to fly to the end of my cardio session. I find the track uplifting and inspiring. The words reflect my need to sometimes play the Hermit card, seek silent counsel and reflect.

The lyrics are from New Trance Music.

I needed time, to think it over
I needed space, to be alone
Guess I’ve been running for a reason
But I’ve been losing on my own

I needed time, to find my freedom
I needed truth, within my soul
Guess I’ve been lost, inside the silence
I knew that love, would bring me home

Inside my mind
I need to find
A place inside my heart
I need to feel
There’s something real
That can’t be torn apart

Tell me how does it feel
How does it feel
How does it feel, to feel love ?

Tell me how does it feel
How does it feel
Tell me how does it feel to feel love ?

I took the photograph at sunset last Summer in Mykonos.

You can download Kam’s podcast at: Liquid Sunrise podcast

While looking for the lyrics I came across Best Trance Lyrics

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