Sydney is located on the east coast of Australia, experiencing temperate Winters and warm humid Summers, it is unsurprising that Sydney-siders are fond of being outdoors.


One of the popular destinations for visitors and locals is Bondi Beach.


The above were taken around 4:00 pm on a Tuesday in Spring, I will leave it for you to imagine how busy it gets at the weekend.

5 thoughts on “Outsiders

  1. It’s no wonder the whole world wants to move to Australia ! I’ve been to Melbourne, and it seemed and felt more European. Does it have a different climate? In any event, lovely post !

    • Yes it is cooler Luke which is reflected in the people being more into fashion and being indoors. It is about to take over from Sydney as the largest city in Australia. I love to visit Melbourne even though they have extremes of weather – you can experience four seasons in a day. Thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me to receive feedback from you.


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