2014 in a loaf

My experiences of making sour dough bread this year reflects my life. At times flat and stodgy, sometimes perky, overall there has been solid progress.

This loaf is the last I shall bake in 2014, it has the best texture so far. I hope that you will join me in raising a slice (toasted if you wish) to the good and bad outcomes of one year and the hope and potential of another.

All the best for 2015,

Robert, Sydney, Australia.

13 thoughts on “2014 in a loaf

  1. Lovely! Perseverance, the key to life……..and bread the symbol of life. When they were going to put my mom on a feeding tube, I baked bread and took it to her warm and smelling like life and it got her back to eating again. There’s not much in life that a fresh loaf of bread can’t make better. Happy New Year.

  2. Lovely post! Beautiful bread! I have had a similar time this year with homemade wheat bread. I’ve perfected my English Muffins. I’ll raise one of those (toasted!) as we enter the adventure of 2015, full of hope & potential!

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