SOH, a bit more

The Opera House sits on a piece of land called Bennelong Point. Looking left to right there is a reasonable gap between the Opera House and the first building in the colonnade on the western Broadwalk. The entrance to the concert hall and the opera theatre is under the multitude of steps seen in the picture above. The Opera Bar is  a popular vantage point to sip a drink while watching the ferries coming and going in Circular Quay. 

The Opera House is just as impressive from the other side. Many people go to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair to take pictures of the Opera House with the Harbour Bridge in the background. This picture was taken from the back of the ferry to Manly. 

The other SOH post. 

6 thoughts on “SOH, a bit more

  1. Oh how delightful! I’ve never seen these views. I like the one with the bridge even better than the one I usually see. Thanks for this. I shall show them to my husband.

    • Yes, they do opera there. While the professionals criticise the acoustics and size of the venue, as a theatregoer I love the magic of going to the Opera House. During intermission we stand outside on the level where the sails begin, sipping champagne, looking at the lights of the city and the stars twinkling.


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