9 thoughts on “SOH

  1. Beautiful on the outside terrible on the inside. I did not realize until recently that the builders ran out of money and never finished the inside properly. Sound quality is poor I am told. Though it’s nice to look at.

  2. Robert, What does it look like on the other side? And is it on land or connected somehow?
    My husband is an architect and he told me once about a very large stadium that the architects somehow neglected to put in any bathrooms. I don’t know how far along they were when someone realized that or how difficult it was to make space for them.

    • It is just as impressive from the other side. Many people go to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair to take picture of the Opera House with the Harbour Bridge in the background. I will find a picture to post for you.

      The Opera House sits on a piece of land called Bennelong Point. Looking left to right there is a reasonable gap between the Opera House and the next building. Sydney city is to the right of the Opera House.

      • Thanks, I’ve always liked the pictures I’ve seen, but other views might look like and how it’s connected to the mainland. Really amazing architecture.

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