Fifties fitness

New challenges at work will require peak physical and psychological performance, no more excuses. Time to do something about fitness in my fifties. 

Procrastinated for a year; moping and moaning in melancholic moodiness. Finally I shook off the can’t do attitude this morning. 

Only one other person in the gym. Fifteen minutes of cardio followed by forty five of weights has set me up for the day. Hoping I will be able to do it again tomorrow. 

6 thoughts on “Fifties fitness

  1. I’m in my early sixties and can definitely identify with your post, including your wonderfully alliterative phrase “moping and moaning in melancholic moodiness.” Mmmm, I can only encourage you to ease into your new routine–one of the challenges of getting older is that recovery time is greater for injuries and overuse.

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