Friday adventure

After our second visit to the gym this week, I am buzzing, and ready for whatever life throws at me. Rather than checking the TripView app for the time until the next bus arrives, I throw caution to the wind, knowing they run every ten minutes. As I cross the road at the Norton Street pedestrian crossing I see the red bus. I run to catch it. Passengers who are slow to board, delay the departure of the bendy vehicle. 

Phew, I end up on a seat with little leg room; at least I’m sitting. My mind gets caught up with work emails and planning for my meeting with the new Director, who starts next Monday. 

I realise the bus is not following the regular route. After the driver passes the second turn that would have rectified his mistake I realise I’m on the wrong bus. We are heading north instead of east. I alight to look for a toilet under 201 Elizabeth Street, I’m sure I’ve used one here before! Aiming to make my way to the M10 bus stop on Oxford Street, I’m delighted to see signs to the subterranean Museum Station. 

Knowing that a diversion through the station will take me under the busy road I head off on a voyage of discovery, into a network of tunnels, shopping areas and railway platforms. 

Amazingly, I arrive at work only ten minutes later than expected!

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