Global leadership, now!

What is reality? Is it this loaf of bread, baked last night? The coffee, I just spilled on the seat cushion, or the butter left from a dropped knife? All of these events happened.

As time passes events become open to interpretation. Beliefs, assumptions and theories challenge reality. A truth for one person, a falsehood for another.

Humans strive for knowledge and understanding, so that they may improve, move forward. Surely this is a good thing? Unfortunately, as a species we are doomed to fail. There is no common direction, other than the pre-programmed need to reproduce and survive.

Civilisations that came before us, thousands of years ago, masters of their time, did not survive. How are we any different? We waste so much time and energy on errant quests. If the leader of a country is incapable of doing their job, replace them with someone who can. Why do we care if individuals survive supposed scandals, brought down on them by the wrath of critics and the press?

Ultimately, the only reality we need to concern ourselves, we are at the mercy of the Universe, the Earth, and Mother Nature. Even though it may be too late, surely it is better to unite in saving the planet rather than focussing on petty power squabbles.

We need global leadership, now!

4 thoughts on “Global leadership, now!

  1. it’s infuriating and disheartening how world leaders are supposed to serve the people, but many only serve the greed for more money and more power. A tale as old as time I guess, but it doesn’t make it less frustrating.

    I feel helpless when thinking about them so I focus on me. We really have no choice but to scale back on our consumption. All the talk and worry about plastic in the oceans but we continue buying plastic bottles of food and detergent when refillable options are available. If I read about how global power consumption will just increase more and more, and especially if people are expected to switch to electric cars, and that makes nuclear plants necessary, I feel upset yet I still use so much air-con and leave the lights on when I don’t need to. (Which reminds me of an article I read some time ago that since the invention of air-con, architects have gotten lazy and just build boxes disregarding better ventilation, because well air-cons will keep us cool.) And have you bought someone online. My God the crazy amount of packaging for something as small as a phone cover! We can do so much more, but we are too lazy and uncaring. I need to stop being so lazy and uncaring and do more.

    Sorry to rant on your site! By the way the bread looks gorgeous and I love your chopping boards too. Cheers.

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